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You are a rat who has awakened in an unfamiliar place. Rain pounds on the roof of this unfamiliar place and you know you must escape.

Traps cover the floor. A faint tap of what sounds like a cat in the distance. This place is dangerous.

A large white owl guards the exit, only allowing you to pass after collecting and giving him food.

You only have a small amount of time before your match burns out so run fast.


Although there is a main story, there is also a fun little arcade game where you must survive hordes of zombie rats trying to eat you.

About Game

This game is the very first game created entirely by one person for university.

Through making this game, many skills were learned, particularly piles and piles of coding. Tons of fun to create, especially fun to figure out problems that pop up.

The game itself is basically pac-man but horror and death traps!


WASD to move

Space to select

Please look into options for more controls


  • Large Maps
  • Arcade mode
  • Story mode
  • Simple pixel-art style
  • Cut-scenes(because who doesn’t love cut-scenes?)

Company info

I am LittleElk, just starting out in the game development world with a bit of a passion for rats!


June 18 2019, windows, free-to-play or name your price


Fx's and some music: freesound.org

Menu music: incompetech.com

Trailer music: Towermint Studios(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMM83D4xfgTYi8bjf07IUPA)


Causwick_Labyrinth.zip 42 MB

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